OCHO - a short film(installation)

Shot in Puerto Rico a few years back, an experiment in story telling. Shot on a 5d mrk2

'Sherlock Holmes Confidential'

Made by myself and good friends, Doug McFerran and Ivan Kaye. A rather different take on the Sherlock Holmes we know and love. 

Beau and the Arrows ‘De-tune’

Shot on 5d mrk3 using a 50mm with the ‘lens whack’ technique. I’m most proud of this video and sad its not been seen enough. 

Done on the iPad. I’m now trying to do one a day to help me cope with some stress. Seems to be working.

DMX ‘Light Years Away’

This was photographed and edited by me, the director was Chloe Jendon. Shot run and gun around London, more lens whacking and some intense acting from our John. Really good experience working with these guys.

Beau and the Arrows ‘N.L.Y’ was my chance to play with the Sony fs700 which shoots some decent slow mo. Beau jumped about and I shot it all at 200 fps, turned out well. Also I did some lens whacking here which adds so much texture plus it turns the ordinary into interesting, always good with no budget. The lens whacking was done with my 5d mrk 2 and an old Nikon 50mm which is flat as a pancake allowing lots of light to refract.

Amrita Acharia did some scenes for us and was fantastic as was Sarah Lamesch. 

Probably my favourite video I’ve made with the lads. Stefan edited this and did a sterling job. Check out the photos below.

Hard at work

Hard at work

Sherlock Holmes Confidential Shoot. Jan 2013

With Ivan Kaye and Douglas McFerran.

One of the first tests I did with my GH-2 after it was hacked. 176 mbits per second creates a huge amount of details. Thanks to that Driftwood bloke who came up with patch.

Shot in Tickhill with my 45mm Leica lens.

The wife doing a silly one in Tickhill…

The wife doing a silly one in Tickhill…

Cool Wool Ad campaign 2012 Morocco with Sam Eastall and Jamie Stephens. 

I did some lens whacking for a music video a few months back, here people dress up and try to dance in costumes with no slits for eyes.

Here’s Amrita Acharia, great actress from Game of Thrones helping me out on a music video. Trying Lens whacking with the 5-d hence the tilt-shift refractive nature of the image. Love it.